Friday, August 15, 2014

Must the dead be buried or forsake for the living? Farms to make way for graveyards!

Vegetable farmer Robert Teng is the last man standing at La Perouse.

Greenery is rare in polluted Sydney south and sustainable farming ought to be maintained.
Perhaps Sydney could learn from the land scarce Japanese to keep the dead souls alive in our minds. Buddhist and Shinto followers cremate the dead and remember the deceased family and friends with a symbolic altar tablet kept in a quiet shrine.

Take a look at this mausoleum. The Japanese technological urn retrieval system   is not a bad idea.

Graveyards are a luxury in the old days when the earth was sparsely populated and lots of unused land is available to bury the dead.  The "preservation" of the physical structures of the body means little when the living have to give up liveability for the past. It would be mutually respectful.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Scoopon fined AUD one million and community service for misleading consumers -

How many of us have in one way or another been "cheated" by brokers pushing for sales to raise their commission. Some are either too kind or concerned of the trouble to complain of about false information passed off to consumers.

Prayers finally answered - there is some justice after all. Authorities have not overlooked wrongdoing. ACCC has caught up with Scoopon and the courts are supportive. Tough action to protect consumers is long overdue.
Scoopon hit with fine!

There are some genuinely great deals.

The most common is "Fine dining" at a song.

"Promotional  specials that will never happen again if you miss this once in a lifetime opportunity"

or similar headlines screaming and luring bargain seekers.

However, going by conventional wisdom, when something is too good to be true, it is often untrue or has a catch attached to it.

Hopefully, it will alert consumers to be more cautious and questioning and not be afraid to name and shame unscrupulous and shady businesses.

Hopefully this will be a landmark leading to more uncovering and punishment of similar practices.  It is high time and pertinent for ASIC to follow ACCC's lead.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Winter Flu Weight Loss Program, the need for medical help

The dreaded winter flu is back here again with vengeance. The record warmer winter in Southeast Australian coast is no deterrent to virulent diseases this season.

A friend has been ill for more than a month and lost a significant one kilogram. I lost several kg some years ago and do not advocate nor relish the idea of taking such a weight loss program. Nobody should be envious.

It is well known that a cold is much easier to fight, and if managed properly, one could recover quickly within a couple of days.

However, a cold that is allowed to fester could lower immunity, and makes the patient even more vulnerable to other types of flu and illnesses.

Nowadays, with age and wisdom, we are taking all the necessary precautions to defend against winter bugs. One could take better care when the first signs are evident and try to ward off worsening of the illness. Having failed in preventing the onset of the next step, one could only try to seek medication and have a good rest.

It is incomprehensible why many modern folks are resistant and averse to treating a cold conservatively. For a mild illness, there are low potency counter cold tablets to relieve suffering from running nose, sore throat and respiratory discomfort.

Influenza which is complex and varied, is more intractable and challenging. Because the flu is highly contagious and spread by air and contact, one could only avoid it by not being exposed to infected people who cough and sneeze.

Self medication, alternative medicines and various types of therapies have become popular craze among professionals and a higher educated population. That  it works sometimes works also means that it may not work most of the time.

A wise person would know when there is a need to see a doctor  Panadol, lemon juice and honey only work for mild illness, not a full blown flu. Only medical professionals could diagnose accurately and prescribe the right type of anti-viral or anti-bacterial drugs. Rejecting more potent medicine and antibiotics based on negative report of drug abuse if a folly, if that is the most effective treatment for a worn and battled patient. Humans have evolved to a stage where medicine is vital for survival and healthy living and there is no turning back of the clock to allow for natural selection.

Bronchitis and pneumonia which originate from flu, could become fatal if not treated in time. It is not surprising why flu has caused more deaths than some serious pandemics. Seriously, older people, young children, patients with chronic heart and lung ailments and pregnant women should seek medical attention and not to take things lightly.

Flu shots may stave off certain common viruses but it does not rule out getting others not covered. Don't be complacent. We are super humans and need to take extra care with having balanced nutrition by eating well, exercise in moderation and get sufficient rest.

I certainly do not encourage nor want myself in the shoes of weight losers as a result of serious illness. I do regret having lost weight drastically once, as well as many work hours and missed opportunities by procrastinating and not seeking medical help earlier. These are life lessons that will not be forgotten and too important not to be shared.